The Xia Reasearch Group


Bioinspired Catalytic Materials Chemistry

          Splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen is of great interest now days. A great  challenge is that people don't have catalysts with high activity, stability, durability and low cost. Biomolecules such as enzymes usually bears high activity and selectivity. Inorganic nanomaterials are usually stable and cheap. Grafting the activity center structure of enzyme with inorganic nanomaterials may creat new catalysts with good function. Our group focous on understanding the relationship between the mechanics of such new catalysts and their catalytical ability.

        We now mostly use 2D nano materials including graphene and MoS2 as the basci nanomaterial. The train of thought is: Mimicking of biomolecules --> Understanding the mechanics--> Modulating the function --> Understanding more nechanics. (Nature communications (2014), 5, 5285. Figure 1J. Am. Chem. Soc.2015137 (23), 7365. Figure 2)


Figure 1. Bioinspired copper catalyst effective for both reduction and evolution of oxygen


Figure 2. Hot electron of Au nanorods activates the electrocatalysis of hydro- gen evolution on MoS2 nanosheets