The Xia Reasearch Group


250.Hot electron of Au nanorods activates the electrocatalysis of hydro- gen evolution on MoS2 nanosheets



ABSTRACT:  Efficient water splitting through electrocatalysis holds great promise  for producing hydrogen fuel in modern energy devices.  Its real  application however suffers  from sluggish  reaction kinetics due  to   the lack of high‐performance catalysts  except  noble  metals  such  as   platinum.  Herein,  we  report  an active  system  of  plasmonic‐metal   Au nanorods/molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) nanosheets hybrids for the  hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). The plasmonic Au‐ MoS2 hybrids  dramatically improve the HER, leading to a ~3‐fold increase of current  under excitation of Au localized sur‐ face plasmon resonance (LSPR). A  turnover of 8.76 s‐1 at 300 mV overpotential is measured under LSPR  excitation, which by far exceeds the activity of MoS2 catalysts reported  recently. The HER enhancement can be largely attributed to the increase  of carrier density in MoS2 induced by the injection of hot electrons of  Au nanorods. We demonstrate that the synergistic effect of the hole  scavengers can further facilitate electron‐hole separation, resulting in  a decrease of the overpotential of HER at MoS2 to ~120 mV. This study  highlights how metal LSPR activates the HER and promises novel  opportunities for enhancing intrinsic activities of semiconducting  materials.