The Xia Reasearch Group


247.Highly Stable and Luminescent Layered Hybrid Materials for Sensitive Detection of TNT Explosive

Congratulations to Dr. Fang-nan Xiao's paper published on Anal. Chem. on March 30th





     Self-assembly is an effective way to fabricate molecular optical materials. However, this
strategy changes  usually  the nanoenvironments  surrounding  the  fluorescence molecule, yielding  low  luminescence  efficiency. Herein,  we report the  intercalation of  ruthenium polypyridine complex (Ru  complex) into the interlayer galleries of layered double hydroxides  (LDHs), forming a Ru/LDHs hybrid. The Ru complex existing as ordered  monolayer state in the hybrid exhibits highly thermal and photo  stability. Especially, its luminescence efficiency is increased by ca  1.7  times,  lifetime  is increased by ca 1  times as compared to the  ones of free molecules. We constructed a Ru/LDH sensing platform based  on fluorescence quenching effect for highly sensitive detection of TNT  with a detection limit of 4.4 µM.